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Warning Siren Monthly Tests and Tones

The long-anticipated new warning siren provided by Action Communications has been installed.
The monthly test of the Warning Siren will occur on the first Mondays of the month at 10:00 a.m.
The Warning Siren Tones are:
Rescue:  the Wail sound slowly alternates between a constant ascending and descending high-low sound, like a (woooooOOOOooooo) style noise.

Fire: the Hi-Lo sound produces separate higher/lower tones resulting in an (ee-oo-ee-oo) “European-style” sound.
Tornado / Emergency: the signal will climb to a steady tone.
Many thanks to all of those involved: Emergency Managers, USDA for partial funding, Fire Chief Brian Prosser, the 911 Communications Center located at the Chadron Police Department, Actions Communications, NPPD, Crawford City Council, Mayor Connie Shell, the City Crew, City Hall Staff and the Crawford Public Library (the property location of the siren's new home!).  This is a fine testament to what can be accomplished when people come together for a common goal!